We recently debuted the Lavender Mist &  Koko Kwèm lotion & soap bar collection. The response has been so phenomenal that we are keeping the line available for an extended period of time. If you haven’t tried it yet, do your skin a favor and order a set.

In this post, I’ll cover the basic process used to make handmade soap bars using natural herbs as a colorant. I’ll be using the Koko Kwèm soap bar as an example. Koko Kwèm  is a light crisp blend of tea tree and lemon essential oil that is Über refreshing.

First, I infused some oil with annatto herbs for this beautiful reddish/yellowish/orangey color (I’m not the best with naming colors). I ran a few test batches to check the color stability and appearance.

herb infused olive oil
It is a pretty straight forward process but time consuming. Here’s the run down.
I combine the lye water with the oils/fats…
Mix until “trace” begins (thickening of the mixture) …
Add the essential oils… (beautiful aromas filled the air)
Mix well… (it is beginning to take shape)

Here’s what you get… (it’s alive)

Once these soap bars are ready, I test the formulas for color stability. Stay tuned for the results.

Have you tried the Lavender Mist &  Koko Kwèm lotion & soap bar collection already? What did you like about it?

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Until Next Time… Be Well,
Ben.ar.dett, Creator of Sénica Skincare Products
Celebrating a Natural. Beautiful. You.

P.S. Remember to check out the collection, your skin will thank you.

About the soap Lavender Mist &  Koko Kwèm soap bars:  You will love these bars because they contain 5% extra oils so you cleanse without stripping the skin. Each soap bar features certified organic shea butter, coconut and olive oil for a luxurious bath experience.

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