New! Renew Scalp Serum

with Pomegranate Seed Oil & Sea Buckthorn Oil

The Renew Scalp Serum soothes dry, itchy, and irritated scalp and supports the regeneration and elasticity of the scalp.Use to nourish and balance scalp, and soften dry, itchy patches common to seborrheic dermatitis, and irritated scalp or use as pre-shampoo treatment. Fragrance free formula. Explore the newest addition to the Sénica Test Kitchen collection here,

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Seasonal Tastes: How to Make Cranberry Juice

with fresh or frozen cranberries 

Cranberry juice is my favorite seasonal drink of choice. It can be used for more than a Thanksgiving side dish, so I stock up while they are in season. Click over to learn how to make cranberry juice,


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