I hope you are having a great week! In the last post I showed you how I mixed the test formulas for the new new handmade soaps in the Lavender Mist &  Koko Kwèm lotion & soap bar collection.

Today, I’ll show you how I test for color stability of the top two soap formulas colored using natural herbs. I’ll be using the Koko Kwèm soap bar with which has annatto herbs for the color. The goal is to have a soap with a pretty color that produces a non-staining, clear (or should I say white) lather. I loved these two soap formulas the most but only one made the cut.

On the left, a bar with herbs added during the soaping process for color.
On the right, the herb was infused in the oil before the soaping process.

First, I observed the lather color by washings my hands.

Then, I tested each soap using a white wash cloth.
If the soap rinses clear we’re in business.

Finally, I went a step further by wrapping the soap in the wash cloth and letting it sit for an extended period of time. If the wash cloth rinses clear the second time we’re good to go.

So, after all this testing, the winning soap is...

The one with the herb infused oil and no annatto herbs added.

I love the color and although the bar with the annatto herbs added to the formula looked great, it may stain a wash cloth which is not good. Thank you for taking the time to review the color testing results with me. In the next post, I’ll give you a quick look at the  Lavender Mist soap bar. Stay tuned!


Have you ever tried naturally colored soap?

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