Growing up in the Caribbean, herbal teas were a staple of my breakfast and dinner routine. We refer to these herbal teas as “bush tea” in St. Croix, Dominica and many other Caribbean islands.  Lemongrass & basil to bay leaf, sour sop and mint, the herbal leaf blends are limitless. Here is one of my recent blends that is simply delicious! It is a three-herb blend of lavender, rosemary & chamomile. For one cup of tea I use the following:

Lavender Rosemary Chamomile Bush Tea 2

1 cup of boiling water
1tbsp of Chamomile Flowers
1tsp of Lavender Flowers
1/4 teaspoon of Rosemary Leaves

In a tea cup/mug, infuse the herbs in the boiling water to desired strength.
Sweeten with honey.

Not sure how to make tea? Watch this to learn how.

Do you have any favorite bush tea blends? I’d love to read your recipes.

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