Word: Poul

Definition: chicken or fowl

Pronunciation: as in pool

Part of Speech: noun

So far we’ve learned six words:

Wavèt + pa + ni + padon + douvan + poul = cockroach + no + have + pardon + in front of + fowl

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  1. Maria says:

    Very interesting! Now I’m just curious, does Dominican Creole differ greatly from Haitian Creole or other forms of the Creole language?

    • benardett says:

      Hi Maria. Thank you for the comment. There are many similarities between Dominican & Haitian Creole. They are both French based. However, Haitian Creole is widely spoken and written while Dominican Creole is spoken more than it is written.

  2. Maria says:

    Very interesting! I’m enjoying these word lessons, by the way :-). It’s always such a treat to learn about a new culture!

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