WOM Series 4 Sav no8

Word: Mouté
Definition: to climb, to go up
Pronunciation: moo-tay
Part of Speech: verb

So far we’ve learned eight words:
Zandoli + sav + ki + pyé + bwa + I + ka + mouté = lizard + knows + which + tree + log + to climb

Stay tuned for the audio recap.

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Ben.ar.dett, Creator of Sénica Products

Word of the Month: Dominican Creole is designed to introduce the Kwèyòl (Creole) language of  the Commonwealth of Dominica, the inspiration for the Sénica product line. For more information on Dominica, visit www.dominica.dm Learn a new Creole word every month with the Word of the Month: Dominican Creole series. This initiative began in February 2011. A new series is held annually and the duration is determined by the proverb, phrase or words selected. In 2014, we transition to a week-long focus with daily posts sharing a new Creole word along with the definition, part of speech and pronunciation of that word.  Stay tuned at www.senicanaturals.com/blog

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