What to Eat for Radiant Skin

Ever wonder what foods are packed with anti-oxidant benefits and essential vitamins? Or, which ones boost energy, help maintain your skin’s moisture and help protect you from premature wrinkles? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve asked Stephanie, a healthy eating specialist at Whole Foods Market, to share her top antioxidant food recommendations for healthy radiant skin. So here goes…

ANTIOXIDANTS = compounds that neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals

Free radicals cause damage to the skin and can be found from UV light (like from the sun), pollution (like from vehicle exhaust), and other environmental hazards like cigarette smoke.


-Belongs to a group of compounds called carotenoids (pigment compounds that give many fruits & vegetables a red, orange, or yellow color)

-Acts as an antioxidant to repair damage caused by light

-Supports collagen production (The breakdown of collagen is a cause of wrinkles)

Foods rich in Lycopene: tomatoes, papaya, guava, mangoes, pink grapefruit, rose hips


-Also a carotenoid

-Can be converted into retinal in the body, so a pre-cursor to vitamin A

-Supports healthy skin by acting as an antioxidant

Foods rich in beta-carotene: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, bell peppers, cantaloupe, and also leafy greens

Vitamin E

-Supports healthy skin by acting as an antioxidant

Food sources: nuts, seeds, avocados, spinach

Vitamin B3, aka Niacin

-Supports a healthy skin barrier, which is essential for healthy moisture balance

Foods high in Niacin: whole grains, shiitake mushroom, organ meats, animal protein (chicken, beef, fish)

What are your favorites foods for radiant skin?

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