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If you use Gmail for your email service, you’ve probably noticed some new features. Gmail now automatically filters your emails for you. Some of Senica’s emails to you are being categorized as “promotions” and automatically skipping your inbox. This means you may not see any emails from Senica UNLESS you change your email settings. Here’s a quick fix to update your preferences so Senica emails continue to reach you.

Go to your “promotions” tab and drag one of Senica’s emails to the “primary” tab. Then click “Yes” when the alert pops up.

Here is a visual walk through of the process. (Click display graphics if you are reading this in Gmail and can’t see image!)

How to change gmail filter

To completely remove the new tabs click on the “settings” box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox. Then click on the “inbox” tab and un-select all categories except “primary.” Save your changes and you are ready to roll.

Note: This automatic feature is being rolled out to users over time so you may not have seen any changes yet but they are sure to come

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