Group shot with the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. The ladies presented me with a beautiful wax print.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with a Department of State group from Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) African countries. They were on a tour of the U.S. and their New Orleans stop was hosted by the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council. We had a total of 7 people from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome & Principe.

Our time together was spent talking about Sénica, women in business and economic development. I shared how my struggles with eczema and dermatitis lead me to creating natural skin and hair care products. We also spoke about being a woman business owner, the cycle of producing a product, marketing it and preparing for growth.

I was also able to learn about the struggles that women in the represented countries face on personal, educational and business levels. I hope to keep in touch with these representatives and hope they benefited as much as I did from our time together.

Here’s the take away…

It is important to share your story. Keep sharing it even when you think you’ve shared it enough.  – Ben.ar.dett, Creator of Sénica Products

I believe this stands true whether you run a business or not. Would you agree?

Until Next Time… Be Well,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica Products

Natural. Beautiful. You.


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