We didn’t have a lot of accidents growing up (at least not that I remember). But if something broke, my Mom would always ask, “Are you okay? As long as you didn’t get hurt, that’s all that matters.” I guess, that is something I’ve always carried with me. Which leads to the Thought of the Day #7

People before things. ~ Ben.ar.dett

In my last “Thought of the Day” post Commitment Under Pressure, I talked about staying the course when things got rough. In my case, it was a hail storm that knocked over my set up at the French Market.

One of the things that pulled me away from my setup in my dramatic Wind, Rain & Hail post was a market visitor who was physically challenged. She got caught in the storm while waiting for a taxi and although she had her crutch, she couldn’t stand for long periods. We worked to get her situated and then had to relocated several times when the sky opened. You could tell she was restless and like many of the visitors was probably thinking, “oh my gosh, I am in New Orleans, it is raining and it is going to flood.”  Yes, tourists were actually saying that. Needless to say, she waited out the storm and hopefully made it to her hotel safely.  I didn’t know her but it made my day to know that I could do something to make her day a little easier.

Looking back, it might have been easier to tend to my booth in an effort to minimize the damage. But, imagine how bad I would have felt if the lady, who obviously needed some assistance, had gotten hurt or blown over because I did not take the time to help her. Like I said before… people before things. You can never go wrong when you show a little compassion.

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