How to Make a Hair Tea   Hair teas are an easy and final step to revive and scent the hair. Use after you wash and condition or as a mist during the week. If using as a mist, keep refrigerated and use within a week. Learn how to make an hair tea with, creator of the Sénica skincare line. The herbs in the bouquet are lemongrass, rose, lavender, rosemary and basil. You will … Read More →

The Best Essential Oils for Hair Care

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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR HAIR CARE by Joan Morais Essential oils help to balance oils, cleanse and refresh hair and scalp. They work like a tonic and promote shiny hair. Here are some of my favorite essential oils for hair care. Bergamot Citrus bergamia is uplifting, refreshing, astringent and regulating. Use for most hair types. Clary Sage Salvia sclarea is balancing (helps to balance sebum), calming and regulating. Use for most … Read More →