How to Make Ginger Juice aka Ginger Beer + Benefits of Ginger

How to make ginger juice beer

I love ginger juice also known as ginger beer in the Caribbean. I like it best when it is super strong and you can feel the burn in your throat as you drink it.  This is my version of ginger juice / ginger beer. Ginger Juice 1/2 lb Fresh ginger root 3-4 cups Water Blender/grater Strainer Sugar, honey, or maple syrup Lemon/lime peel (optional) Juice of 1 lemon/lime juice (optional) … Read More →

How to Make Cranberry Juice + Benefits of Cranberries

How to Make Cranberry Juice – SquareSuper Food

How to Make Cranberry Juice from Scratch Using Fresh CranberriesCranberry juice is my favorite seasonal drink of choice. It can be used for more than a Thanksgiving side dish, so I stock up while they are in season.  Here is how I make cranberry juice. Cranberry Juice 12 oz. bag Fresh/frozen cranberries (if you can’t get fresh cranberries, use 100% our bottle juice) Water – (The amount of water you … Read More →

Benefits of Eating Forbidden Rice – Beauty from the Inside

Benefits of Eating Forbidden Rice

I recently tried my hand at cooking forbidden rice. Also known as black or purple rice, it has a number of health benefits and can be used in sweet and savory meals. Health Benefits of Forbidden Rice + Anti oxidants that fight the damage of free radicals + Rich in vitamins + Healthy serving of fiber + More anthocyains per serving than blueberries. Anthocyains help fight skin damage. Ways to … Read More →

What To Eat for Radiant Skin

What to Eat for Radiant Skin Post credit brooke lark unsplash

Who doesn’t desire radiant skin? Try these top antioxidant food recommendations for healthy skin. They are packed with anti-oxidant benefits, essential vitamins and help protect you from premature wrinkles. Read More →

Juicing for Health: Beauty from the Inside


Did you know juicing can keep you looking and feeling great?! That’s right. Growing up, my Mom would juice fruits and veggies for us. Now juicing is mainstream and I think that’s wonderful. Here’s a juice blend I’m currently loving and some of the benefits of each ingredient. Apples lowers bad cholesterol, aids in bone health, aids in intestinal health and keeps your regular (T.M.I., I know Ginger – reduces … Read More →

How to Make Strawberry Mint Limeade

Strawberry Mint Limeade

Treat yourself to a glass of strawberry mint limeade. Today I am sharing a twist on the classic limeade aka lime squash or lime juice. This vitamin-rich, cancer-fighting, digestion-improving, immune-boosting bevarage delivers a lot of flavor. Best of all, it is tasty, easy to make and good for you inside and out. Click over for the details. Read More →