How to Support the Businesses & Brands You Love: Thoughts on Entrepreneurship & Life with Benardett

We’ve all heard the saying ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ Let’s talk about a few ways you can support the businesses and brands you love and it doesn’t always have to mean through money. This live broadcast really touched a nerve with people, in a good way. So tune in to hear my thoughts on the subject and please share anything you’d add to the list. You can do that by commenting on this post and/or on the video here,

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Takeaways on How to Support the Businesses & Brands You Love

You can support the businesses and brand you love a number of ways:

  1. Through your dollars. That’s one obvious answer. You buy something, you fall in love with it and you keep purchasing it. However, the lifecycle of a product varies and so do personal budgets. For example, an artisan candy bar is not going to last the same amount of time as a moisturizer from Sénica, which lasts our average client 3-6 months. If you purchased an refrigerator this year chances are you won’t need another one. Which leads to the other ways you can support the businesses and brands you love.
  2. Tell your tribe about it AND random folk too. Tell your ‘mamma and dem’ and don’t stop there. If you hear someone express a problem they need to address or the need for a particular product or service, that is the perfect time to share what you use or a brand you’ve heard of from your tribe. Sénica has swooped in to banish many dry elbows, knees, and toes and some of those recommendations came from our clients. In my industry, word of mouth is helpful. I swap supplier information regularly and this helps me decide who I’ll purchase from based on my experience or what’s shared by other artisans.
  3. Leave a review of the product or service. Real reviews help other people make a decision on whether or not to support a brand.
  4. Engage with their content on social media. Likes, comments, and shares improve the visibility of a brands content. This is especially important in today’s world where algorithms change with the wind and can affect visibility or you have to pay for your content to be seen.
  5. Forward relevant content from their email newsletter. Did an email you read have some nuggets that could help someone in your tribe? Forward it. At Sénica we work to strike a balance between sharing products, their benefits and educational content from the Learning Lab. So the next time we send that article on chest acne or explain the basics of hair and scalp, forward it to ‘Suzie’ and ‘Jason’, I pulled both names out of the air.
  6. Support their events. Can you volunteer? Share with friends? Show up to cheer them on and share your experience with attendees who may not be familiar with the brand.

Let’s not wait until a business shuts down prematurely to reminisce on how good their product or service was. Let’s put out money and actions behind the products and services we say we love. At the end of the day, every effort helps to sustain a brand so let’s support how we can. What would you add to the list? Comment and let me know.

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Thank you as always for your time and support.

Natural. Beautiful. You.®,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

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