Today is the last day of Summer. Can you believe how fast time has gone by?! Summer for me and Sénica has been good. Here are a few photo highlights as we take a trip down memory lane.
Meeting Clients Collage
I got to meet a lot of new and long-time clients at festivals and pop-ups. Thank you for your support.Urban Bush Women Collage
Did you know we do private events? This year I got to work with leaders from the Urban Bush Women Dance Company. We made custom products and I even got schooled in Minecraft by these adorable children.Another year and nature collage
What’s a birthday without a celebration?! This year I took time off (a rare occurrence) and enjoyed my favorite things. I also got to explore some forests, nature trails, and scenic routes with the sidekick. We always have fun hanging out, even-though I end up carrying her most of the way.WFM Summer Workshop Collage

We made toothpaste, fresh fruit masks, bath teas and body mists during our summer workshops.

Pizza pesto and sherbet Collage
I love to cook things from scratch. This Summer pizza, pesto, and sherbet were staples in my kitchen. They are easy to make and full of flavor.

On that note, I am getting hungry so I’m going to grab a bite to eat.
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Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products


  1. Diana Baker says:

    Looks like a fantastic summer!

  2. alegnasoap says:

    Love the pictures of your memories!

  3. Jay says:

    Happy Eight Benardett!!

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