Sénica Senk Line SenkLaunch_0021Sénica SenkLaunch_0005SenkLaunch_0008SenkLaunch_0011Doggy Shampoo Bar SenkLaunch_0006SenkLaunch_0007
Sénica SenkLaunch_0001Sénica SenkLaunch_0003Sénica SenkLaunch_0046Sénica SenkLaunch_0025Sénica SenkLaunch_0032Sénica SenkLaunch_0021
Sénica SenkLaunch_0029Sénica SenkLaunch_0017Sénica SenkLaunch_0045Sénica SenkLaunch_0020Sénica SenkLaunch_0013Sénica SenkLaunch_0004c

We had a wonderful time at the Senk Hair Care Launch/ Louisiana SPCA Benefit. Here are a few photos of the event. I am looking forward to hosting more events like this.

Until Next Time… Be Well,

Celebrating a Natural. Beautiful. You.

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