Can you believe 6 years have gone by so fast? Thank you for being a part of the Sénica family. Celebrate with our two day special. Receive 20% OFF all orders with coupon code “TU13”, offer ends 10/8/13.

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With Sincere Love & Appreciation,, Creator of Sénica Products

About Sénica
Sénica (pronounced SAY-NEEKA) specializes in natural skin and hair care products with a focus on solutions for eczema, dry skin and hair. Inspired by the Caribbean. Made in New Orleans. We invite you to explore our collection and celebrate a Natural. Beautiful. You.

Our mission is to promote a holistic approach to health, wellness, beauty and restoration – giving equal attention to the proper care of skin and hair with premium products made from quality natural ingredients, along with providing useful information for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our fragrant and mineral-rich apothecary of nature’s choicest blends offers various options that celebrate a Natural. Beautiful. You.

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