It’s October 7, 2019 and Sénica is officially 12 years old today. The past year has been filled with lessons on letting go, doing less in order to do more, streamlining Sénica, and most of all embracing my gifts. Your gifts can often be identified as the thing(s) that make you special, that you are good at, that brings you joy, that people see in you. And, those gifts often create opportunities for you, even when you don’t seek them out.

​These lessons have been showing up for me in business and my personal life. For example, letting go of a number of products in order to focus on the ones the Sénica Family loves and introduce more limited products through the Sénica Test Kitchen. I’ve been purging this email list – down a few hundred already- with the goal of building a community of like minded people that embrace authenticity and the artisan body care products I create.

Here’s the thing, in taking these lessons to heart, I’ve been able to engage with the Sénica Family in a more intimate manner. And the big takeaway for me is to continue to operate in my gifts. This year has moved me into embracing my abilities as a wellness coach too. It’s one of the things I’ve done informally for some time but never had a name for it. Then, I started being sought out for wellness services and when I shared this with my close friends and mentor their response was, “that is definitely you.” Wow. Other people could see this gift I had not really called that and a compliment to everything I do with Sénica.
I am a nurturer at heart, I do ‘too much’, ‘care too much’, etc. But there is no such thing as ‘too much’. The reality is when you find where your gifts are best utilized, your ‘too much’ becomes ‘just right’ for the right person or the right situation. Let me encourage you to step up and embrace and operate within your gift(s).

Lastly, Sénica is a small and mighty business that continues through your support. Suport can take many shapes, purchasing products is one way. You can also support Sénica by telling a friend, or recommending the products to your favorite spa, salon, or niche boutique. You can find more tips on how to support brands you love in the article I wrote, here.

Here’s to growth and embracing our gifts daily.  Thank you for being part of the Sénica family.

Natural. Beautiful. You.®,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

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