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It’s October 7, 2017 and Sénica is officially 10 years old today. Ten years! It has gone by so fast. If you told me in college that I would be here as an entrepreneur, using my biochemistry degree, and Caribbean roots to help people care for themselves, I may have said “let’s see about that.” Some of my most challenging moments led me here and encouraged me to continue to hone my skills as an artisan and woman. Add a series of, what at the time seemed to be, chance encounters and opportunities and the rest is the Sénica story in process. I know without a doubt that where I stand now has truly been orchestrated by God and for that I am grateful. I hold this thought dear because the valleys and mountain tops of entrepreneurship and life in general are not for the faint of heart. And if you’re anything like me and words of encouragement are important to you, I would like to encourage you to take a chance on yourself, live life to the fullest, and pursue those dreams you hold dear.

I was telling a friend the other day that coming up on this ten year anniversary, it is not what I imagined it would be last year. It’s been an intense year and challenging on all fronts but I realize that I am stronger than I ever imagined and you too are stronger than you know. And no matter how tough things get or seem, if we muster the strength and courage within to take one tiny step forward we eventually traverse those lonesome valley moments and spring to mountain top views.

Okay, that’s enough encouragement for the moment. Let’s kick things up a bit with a few highlights. This Summer we launched Sénica Gives Back to assist areas of need. The first initiative benefits Hurricane Harvey families and the second benefits my home countries of Dominica and St. Croix, which were devastated by Hurricane Maria. You can keep up with current initiatives here, https://shop.senicanaturals.com/collections/senica-gives-back. (I am also coordinating efforts to send batteries, lighting, sanitary, and other items home. If you’d like to be included in that please reply to this email and I will loop you in on my personal efforts.

We recently launched a wholesale program for spas and salons. I am excited to see where this leads. If you have a location you think would be a good fit, feel free to send their info my way or have them fill out this form, https://senicanaturals.com/wholesale-program. Our events and corporate gifting service has been upgraded and I am thrilled to get back into creating curated gifts, events, spa parties, and more for you. You can learn more about that program here, https://senicanaturals.com/events-corporate-gifting.

If you’re new to the Sénica family, welcome. If you’ve been with me for a while, thank you for giving me a chance to serve you and your family. Every purchase you make and person you share Sénica with is truly appreciated. And if you’re not on the mailing list, sign up here, http://eepurl.com/cBPKM. Finally, we’re doing a week long anniversary special and offering 15% off orders of $40+, enter code ‘C1015’ at checkout. Get your products here, https://www.senicanaturals.com. The offer ends on Saturday, October 14th, 11:59 PST, exclusions apply.

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Get your products here, https://www.senicanaturals.com.

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Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

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