Were you dupe by any of the April Fools ads that ran on Monday? My response to the Scope Bacon Mouthwash as was a head shake and side eye, followed by “I wonder how far they are willing to go with this bacon craze?”. I guess you could say I was a skeptical believer. 🙂

It was 5:30 in the morning, I was trying to get to my workout video and could not be bother with bacon scented breath. In short, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Anyway, I thing Scope’s ad was well executed. It has enough truth to make it seem plausible or likely. There are so many bacon scented products on the market, a bacon scented mouthwash would not seem far fetched. In addition to being plausible, the ad was memorable and a great way to build brand awareness. Sizzling breath, #scopebacon, bacon scented breath and Scope were the takeaways for me. The next time I walk down a dental care aisle, Scope is likely to stand out from the other brands, and that was probably their goal.

In case you missed the add, take a look here:

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