I hope your day is going well. Do you have a relaxation routine for your skin? And no, I don’t mean the quick shower in the morning when you’re running late. If your answer is no, might I suggest taking a queue from McKenzie– a connoisseur of all things lavender in the Sénica skincare line. Click here to watch McKenzie’s review.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and deserves tender loving care. A simple relaxation routine can be adding an exfoliating session to your shower once a week. I recommend using a brown sugar scrub to remove dead skin and seal in moisture. Or, it can get fancy with a shower and exfoliation session followed by a long soak of detoxifying Epsom and sea salts found in our bath salt collection. If you’re not a fan of soaking in the tub, try soaking your feet while you watch your favorite show or catch up on some reading.

A signature Sénica scent, Lanbéli is created using an herbaceous Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil. Creole for “calm or rest,” Lanbéli lives up to its name and provides an all-over relaxing bath and body experience. Experience the relaxing effects of this must have collection, available in a shea butter moisturizer, bath salt, brown sugar scrub, soap bar and eau de parfum. Click here to shop our collection of Lanbéli products! http://www.senicanaturals.com/shop

Ben.ar.dett, Creator of Sénica Skincare Products
Celebrating a Natural. Beautiful. You.

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