This one goes out to all the folks who breath through their mouths, the skin scratchers, the runny eye sufferers, and the sneezers.

Allergy season and the challenges that come with it are not fun. Add dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and other irritating skin complaints to the mix and the forecast is months of skin misery ahead. Having experienced these challenges, I’d like to share a few tips that have worked for me.

If congestion has you breathing through your mouth, make sure you’re moisturizing your lips. This can dry out your lips, which can lead to splitting, blistering, and dry patches. You can minimize the discomfort by applying a layer of oil or butter-based moisturizer to your lips. The Blemish Balm or Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer work well to retain moisture and protect the lips from extreme dryness.

If your skin tends to break out when the pollen count is high, try covering up a little with light, breathable fabric. Cleanse your skin more often and moisturize to keep irritation at a minimum. This includes drinking lots of water to flush allergens from your system. Cool compresses such as an ice pack or cool wash cloth can also help to soothe itchy and inflamed skin.

Guard your scalp and hair –Pollen and other seasonal allergens can also irritate your scalp. To minimize hair loss associated with scalp irritation, opt for styles that keep most of your scalp covered and consider washing/rinsing your hair more often. You can also incorporate head wraps and hats into your look too.

Roll your car windows up all the way when you park. Allergens such as pollen travel very easily. A gust of wind in the right direction can result in a car filled with irritants. While keeping your windows rolled up may be uncomfortable during the hotter months, the few moments of airing out the car is better than risking a serious break out from the pollen or other potential irritants that can settle on your comfy car seats.

While these tips are not exhaustive, they have helped me minimize my skin irritations. You may not have control over the flowers and trees that bloom in your area, but you can take steps to keep them from keep skin irritations at a minimum and get on with living your awesome life.

What tips and tricks do you use to protect your skin from nature’s allergens? Tell me in the comments below.

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