“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use my Koko Kwem Hair and Body Butter. I love its versatility that allows me to use it on my hair and skin in order to keep from being too dry.” – Allan Houston

“I really enjoy the light scent of Bay Oil in Bay Bay Hair and Body Butter. I’ve been using this product for just a few days now and already skin is more radiant and moisturized and I love that this product is not too oily. Just rub it on and enjoy!” – Jether W., Atlanta, GA

“I LOVE my sweetness shea butter so much my next order was the larger container! I gave the small sizes as Christmas gifts to friends and family and everyone still raves about the butter! One friend uses the sweetness on her hair and mixes it with body oil for massage.  GREAT products!” – Traci C.

“I love the Sweetness Shea Butter product.  It doesn’t stain your clothing and it keeps your skin moist and hydrated for the day.  I recently began using a little on my lips before putting on my lipstick.  I really like it.  My father has been using it also.  It really helps with psoraisis.   The product is a really good product.” -Rosalyn C.

“I love the [Caress Me] scrub! The scent lasts a long time and the scrub is very exfoliating without irritating my skin. Can’t wait for my new supply to arrive! I have use the shea butter as well but have found it is a bit thick, so only use it on extra dry patches of skin once in a while rather than as a regular moisturizer.” – Sara T.

“i love how [the Lavendar Mist Shea Butter] smells and it makes my skin and hair so soft with just enough shine!” – Danielle M.

“Sweetness Shea Butter is great!  Love the scent and it leaves my skin and hair shiny!” – Dwan L.

“The scent of Sweetness is perfect. I love the shine it adds to my hair and the smoothness it gives my curls when sealed on the ends of a twist out.I also use Sweetness on my daughter’s hair who is a natural curly and it takes away the dryness that she normally has.” – Ylandus R.

I don’t believe in miracle creams or potions that come in a bottle, neither am I one to give out 5 star ratings unless I believe the product can’t be improved upon any more…. but I have given this [Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion] 5 stars!!! I absolutely LOOOVE this product!! I applied it as a leave-in on wet hair. I twisted my hair up and DAYS LATER, my hair still felt SUPER SOFT, SMOOTH and moisturized!!!!!! I usually have to moisturize my hair daily because it tends to get very dry very quickly!! This was not the case after using Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion!! Not only that, but I tested the pH of this product and was delightfully surprised to discover that it was in the 5 range- perfect for closing those cuticles- which made sense why my hair was sooo silky and soft!! Its RARE to find a product that is TRULY pH Balanced – straight from the bottle!!
THANK YOU SENICA for this WONDERFUL miracle in a bottle!! – MK A.