Our First Kwèyòl (Creole) Proverb

February 2011 marked the start of our Word of the Month: Dominican Creole series. Over the past six months, we’ve learned 6 words. The result is, we now know the definition of these Dominican Kwèyòl (Creole) words and a proverb, as shown below.

Kwèyòl (Creole) Proverb: Piti hach ka bat gwo bwa.

English Translation: Little axe cut big trees.

Meaning: Do not judge a man by his size.

Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZRQzPB9PA

I hope you enjoyed learning these words and look forward to our next series of words. Stay tuned for details on the next series.

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Word of the Month: Dominican Creole is designed to introduce the Kwèyòl (Creole) language of  the Commonwealth of Dominica, the inspiration for the Sénica product line. For more information on Dominica, visit www.dominica.dm Learn a new Creole word every month with the Word of the Month: Dominican Creole series,  beginning, February 1, 2011. Every month, I will pick a Creole word, provide the definition and the pronunciation of that word.  Stay tuned at www.senicanaturals.com/blog

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