How to moisturize your skin in cold weather

Cold weather can be a bit intense on the skin especially if dry skin is an challenge for you. And as I’ve said many times before, cold weather and dry skin issues and irritations do not play well together. Some common challenges that can get worse during these times include dry peeling face, tight scalp, itchy skin, splitting cuticles, finger tips, and hands. If you’re struggling with any of these issues here are a few tips you can use to get you through the driest and coldest days.


1. Hydrate! Moisture is your skin’s best friend and is the first step to banishing dry skin issues. Moisture, moisture, and more moisture. You can achieve this via freshly washed skin or by applying water, hydrosol/floral water, or aloe vera juice to your skin. Moisture is provided by water and helps hydrate your skin which helps your moisturizing product to work better. That’s why applying a layer of moisture before you use any moisturizing product is key.

Pro tip: If it is super cold, you can wet/mist your hands and rub them together to warm up the water before rubbing it into your skin.

2. Moisturize! Seal in moisture with a water-free oil or butter based product.
An oil or butter based product locks moisture into your skin and also nourishes your skin cells for an awesome look and feel. It will also help to minimize itching caused by tight, dry skin.

So here’s the thing, the hydrate and moisturize steps go hand in hand. Hydrating your skin doesn’t work if you’re not sealing in that moisture. And the same goes for applying a moisturizer without first hydrating your skin. Has your skin ever been so dry that it has a worn out, dull and parched look to it? You apply your best moisturizer and work it in but it doesn’t cooperate. The result is skin that still looks parched but with an oily sheen. That’s why you need hydrate before your moisturize.

Pro tip: A little dab will do you but sometimes you need extra. Sometimes extreme cold can requires an extra layer of moisturizer. And if you’re skin tends to dry out overnight, you may need to re-moisturize when you wake up. You can mix it up by applying an oil and then a butter or balm. Or you could apply a little extra of the latter to stay with you longer and minimize the drying effect of the elements and the extra layers of clothes you’re wearing.

For the scalp: If you’re moisturizing your scalp, that can be accomplished with a few drops of oil massaged into your scalp. Let’s not over do it though, your scalp produces its own wax/oil called sebum and excessive oil can cause flare up especially if you deal with things like seborrheic dermatitis and folliculitis.

3. But wait! What if I use water based lotions? If you do not deal with extreme dry skin, use a lotion and occasionally need extra coverage due to weather shift, I recommend following up with an oil or butter based product as in step two. We offer Sénica body lotions, they are pretty rich and I layer when I use them in cooler temperatures and I recommend you do the same.  But like my mom says, “everybody big” which means do what suits you.

At Sénica we take a crown to sole approach to beauty. That’s why many of the products I formulate are muti-use and filled with premium ingredients that actually work. You’ve probably noticed a trend here, where one product like the Blemish Balm can be your go to for your face, lips, body, and so on. Or, your favorite shea moisturizer or body oil can also work well on your hair. This is intentional because you don’t always need to have a bajillion products on hand for your skin to look and feel perfect.

And that’s it for how to keep your skin moisturized in cold weather. Comment below and let me know and share with a friend who can benefit from these tips. Find more recommended articles and resources in the Sénica Learning Lab here,

As always I appreciate your time and allowing me to share with you.

Natural. Beautiful. You.®,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

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