Love the Space You're In

Tips to Love the Space You’re In…

Surround yourself with scents you love. We all have aromas that we enjoy. They can bring back fond memories and relax us.

  1. Treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.
  2.  Indulge in your favorite parfum. This of course is the simplest option, as you can do it anywhere. Dab a little on your pulse points and unwind for a few minutes.
  3. Bake a batch of your favorite cookies.
  4. Light a candle. Soy candles are pretty awesome. They burn clean and last a long time.

Quiet your heart and mind with music. I like most genres of music. There are many free streams available to explore. If I’m in a classical mood, I tune in to WWNO2’s live stream, Beethoven, Bach, Bellini, and Brahms are simply a click away.

Not a fan of music. Nature is a great alternative. The wind rustling through the trees and waterfalls can be quite calming.

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