Series 4 Word of the Month: Dominican Creole launches August 21st. Join us as we learn a new Kwèyòl (Creole) proverb. We’re speeding things up this year with daily words (previously monthly). You’ll learn more in less time. Stay tuned! Catch up with previous series here.


Series 1 Proverb: Little axe cut big trees.
Series 2 Proverb: The cockroach has no pardon in front of the fowl.
Series 3 Proverb: Old pots make good broth.

Word of the Month: Dominican Creole is designed to introduce the Kwèyòl (Creole) language of  the Commonwealth of Dominica, the inspiration for the Sénica product line. For more information on Dominica, visit Learn a new Creole word every month with the Word of the Month: Dominican Creole series. This initiative began in February 2011. A new series is held annually and the duration is determined by the proverb, phrase or words selected. In 2014, we transition to a week-long focus with daily posts sharing a new Creole word along with the definition, part of speech and pronunciation of that word.  Stay tuned at

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