I recently had the honor of being a featured maker on The Artisan Made Show: Summer Kick Off Edition. During this 30 minute segment Donna Maria and I talked about authentic beauty, holistic skin care practices and how to properly mask and moisturize your face. We had so much fun, and Donna Maria would not stop eating the Honey Berry Moisture Mask. ☺️ 😂 Watch the video to learn more and check out the amazing products featured to help you care for your tender skin naturally and intentionally.



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@DonnaMariaCEO interviews Benardett of @senicanaturals and demonstrates some of her products for you.


Buy Spiced Mint Soap Bar and Lemongrass Soap Bar

Buy Renew Scalp Serum (which I used on my face and LOVE!)

Get Honey Berry Moisture Mask (with strawberries and honey!)

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Honey Berry Moisture Mask for dry skin, irritated skin and break out prone skin

Honey Berry Moisture Mask – with Honey & Strawberries is the moisture mask of your dreams. Strawberry gently exfoliates dead skin which causes dullness and brightens the skin. Honey purifies and soothes skin, aids in moisture retention, and is great for dry, irritated, and breakout-prone skin. Works as a 2-in-1 scrub and mask. Available here, https://shop.senicanaturals.com/products/honey-berry-moisture-mask.

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