How to care for keratosis pilaris

The nuances of nature means that this leaf is different from any other leaf on the same tree. Those differences do not take away from the beauty of this leaf. The same parallels can be drawn for our skin. The underlying science may be similar. Our tones & textures may vary and then there’s the list varying skin struggles that we may or may not be easily rid of. For example, there is Keratosis Pilaris (KP), a pesky skin condition that results in bumpy skin due to the overproduction and hardening of keratin in the hair follicles than can look like ‘freckles’. I shared a bit about this on Instagram stories and have covered the topic on live broadcasts here, Approximately 1 in 5 people in the U.S.A. have it. It can vary in appearance and location, there is no known cause or ‘cure’ for it and being overly aggressive with it can actually worsen KP. So, what’s one to do?

First, get comfortable in your skin. Just as the leaf, mentioned above, you are unique and beautifully so. Second, learn what you can about KP, through your doctor, credible research and other people managing it. For example, sun therapy works for some and not others. Third, create a routine that is gentle and helps to smooth, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Here’s a breakdown of what your routine could look like when caring for keratosis pilaris,

1. Use a gentle cleanser, like Sénica’s soap bars. (New and classic scents loading soon. 😉)

2. Exfoliate regularly to gently remove dead layers of skin and hardened keratin. You can use a technique called dry brushing and/or Sénica’s brown sugar scrubs.

3.  Moisturize with a butter-based or oil-based moisturizer that is water free to soften the skin. These types of moisturizers are rich so you’ll only need to use a little at a time and they are most effective when applied to damp skin.

One of of the goals of Sénica is to help you celebrate your authentic beauty, perceived flaws and all, because you are most powerful when you are comfortable in your own skin. I trust these tips will work well for you. Drop me a line if you have any questions or input.

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As always I appreciate your time and allowing me to share with you.

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Photo credit: Arif Hasan

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