How I am Conquering My To-do list

Would you believe me if I said you could get everything on your list done in a snap, with time to spare? It’s easy to get wrapped up with the latest tips, tricks, and tools that everyone else is doing, that will make your life a breeze, and help you save the world. Yes, I am exaggerating.

That is why I am sharing my takeaways from my efforts to get more done while maintaining my sanity, and savoring life. I hope that these lessons will be helpful to you. Here’s my take on how I am conquering my to-do list.

1. Create your own routine or method. We are all different, so a method that one person swears by may not be your cup of tea. I’ve experimented with numerous tools and even incorporated a few systems to help me track my tasks and goals – printables, scheduling methods, cloud based files, and the list goes on.

Through this process, I continue to learn so much about myself. I LOVE pencil and paper and tech tools come in second place. So, I knew that I needed a better planner, one that could help streamline the way I track my personal and professional progress.

That is why I was excited to find a this signature planner at Target. It is by Sugar Paper/Blue Sky. I’ve bought these planners for years but this is the first year I’ve seen such a detailed option in stores. I am not sure if Sugar Paper is now licensed to Blue Sky but you can purchase the planners at Target stores and Target online.

Find a planning tool that works for you

This purchase has been a wise one because it has helped to eliminate the amount of scrap paper I use and the bouncing back and forth between tools. I usually have at least four lists going at once on several sheets of paper – several lists for Sénica and all its moving parts, a list for me, a list for other projects, a list of ideas. When I say I love pencil and paper, I mean it. By the end of the year, I have binders full of paper with handwritten notes and lists, most of which are in no discernible order.

The monthly notes and goals section of this planner carries over to a weekly breakdown of tasks. I think it is pretty nifty which allows me to track business, personal, and financial goals in one place. All I have to do now is create a monthly stats sheet to capture the numbers and metrics that I track. Yay for reducing waste and creating simplified routines.



Whether you’re a pen and paper fan or tech takes precedence the goal is to find a tool that works for you. The important thing is to have a way to know what you’re doing and the progress you’re making towards your bigger goals.

2. Be consistent and take time to catch up when needed. I didn’t get all of my tasks completed last week so I made myself complete them before tackling anything new. Yes, it took a huge chunk out of my day and made me very uncomfortable. This pause helped me see opportunities to use my time more effectively moving forward. Now I can tackle this week’s’ to-dos without the heavy feeling of lingering work on my mind.

Every item I get done brings me closer to completing my goals for the month. That means that one by one, I am checking off the goals that I’ve written for the month and adjusting where needed. I challenge you to push yourself to consistently complete the tasks you’ve set for yourself. It may be uncomfortable at first but seeing your progress and growth will bring you much joy.

3. Set aside time to complete multiple tasks at once. This system is often referred to as batching which is simply doing a task(s) in a chunk of time.  More on batching below.

Do you have 10 short calls to make? How about setting aside thirty minutes to an hour to get them done? I had a number of outstanding reviews to email. This task had been on my list for months. Shameful? Yes, but it’s the truth. Instead of letting them linger another day or week, I wrote and sent them out within an hour. I have no idea why I kept pushing them off. But the lesson is, Procrastination can make your brain cloudy and zap your creative energy. Don’t give in to it. The next time you’re tempted to push something off without good reason, ask yourself if it is really worth zapping your future creative energy.

Procrastination Quote by Benardett

Procrastination can make your brain cloudy and zap your creative energy. Don’t give in to it. – Benardett

The reality is, what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander.  Find a system that works for you and give yourself room to refocus when you get off track. Keep going darling, you are awesome and your effort is worth it! These are some of the lessons I’ve learned that are helping me conquer my year.

Now it is your turn. What tools and methods are you using to accomplish your goals? Please leave a comment, I’d love to read.

Natural. Beautiful. You.®,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

You may find these resources helpful. Now go forth and conquer your day, your week, your year.

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