In today’s hustle and bustle world we are often trying to find ways to simplify our routines and make things more effective. Exercise can be a great addition to your current beauty routines. Whether you are trying to achieve that radiant skin tone, prevent wrinkles or get you hair to do what you want too, a comprehensive exercise routine can help you accomplish those goals.

The skin is essentially the largest organ we have and the body is roughly 70% water. Skin and hair cells are constantly replaced. This is to our advantage because while we can’t improve the health of a dead cell; we can improve the functions of active cells.

Consider adding short brisk walks to your beauty routine as you step it up to stay lovely.

Adding a simple daily exercise program can jump start you metabolic system and not only help you be more productive but also display your natural radiance. An exercise program should include components of flexibility, strength and cardio. These areas can be addressed even if you are not a member of you local gym. Also, you can make large improvements in the quality of life without drastically changing your current lifestyle.

Breaking up the monotony of a 30 minute or hour long workout into 10 minute bouts, you can be just as effective. This is supported by the latest American College of Sports Medicine position statement. Try starting your day off with a brisk 10 minute walk around the neighborhood or dancing to four of your favorite tracks. When you get to work, park in such a way that it will take 10 minutes to get to your desk (using the stairs if possible). Walk 10 minutes to and from lunch if you schedule allows. Go for another walk to unwind from stressful day. Feel free to replace a walking session with a continuous abdominal circuit a stationary bike ride or elliptical trainer.

Shortening rest breaks during your regular workout can increase the amount of energy your body has to burn. Doing this will ultimately burn more calories which allows you to tone or burn through fat stores. Do not forget that the timing of carbohydrate and other calorie intake can have a big impact on your health goals.

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