Woman wins 2011 Sénica Body Care Mom of the Year Award

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(New Orleans, LA, June 16, 2011) – At age 74, foster parent Alma Hoffman is still giving selflessly to help others, expecting nothing in return.  Now, her efforts and never-ending service to improve the lives of children is paying off.  Hoffman is the winner of the 2011 Sénica Mom of the Year Award (SMOTY).

Every year, Sénica Body Care awards an outstanding mother for service to her family and community.  After having three children of her own, Hoffman has spent the last 43 years fostering186 more children of every color and creed.  That’s why the company crowned her Mom of the Year.

“My mother is a nurturer by nature, and her resilience and kindness are evident.  Even after losing her husband to cancer, she continued to take in foster children, at times having as many as four at one time,” said Hoffman’s daughter Melanie Diehl.  “Her last set of children were twins she got right from the hospital!”

But Hoffman knows how important her work is with these children, especially when they’re at their most vulnerable.  “The nurturing a baby gets in the beginning of their life can make all the difference in their development.  Every child needs and deserves a loving environment in order to thrive,” said Hoffman.  “I want to do this for as many children as I can, no matter how much it hurts when they leave.”

This year, Sénica received hundreds of submissions for SMOTY.  “It was difficult to pick just one winner because so many people are doing so many wonderful things for their families and their communities,” said Sénica Founder Benardett Jno-Finn.  “But when analyzed on a per child basis, it goes without saying that Alma’s service will be felt for generations to come.”

As the SMOTY winner, Hoffman will receive a Sénica gift basket valued at $100 dollars.  The gift basket includes Sénica’s best selling blemish balm, shea moisturizers, brown sugar scrubs, soaps and soy candles.  Her daughter Melanie will receive a $25 gift certificate for submitting a stellar nomination.

The Sénica Mom of the Year (SMOTY) Award is an annual essay competition designed to recognize the important role women play in shaping society. For more information or to enter a submission, go to

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