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Our Senk hair care line made WhoIsSugar’s & Essence.com’s Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers’ Gift Guide. Perfect for all hair types, theSenk hair care line is sure to become your best friend for cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing.Thanks Sug for the shout out!

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Say goodbye to dry stripped hair.

Say hello to a healthy scalp and moisturized hair, with Senk hair care.

Perfect for all hair types, Senk Shampoo & Conditioner duo offers a rich cleansing and conditioning hair experience that is sure to leave your hair soft, manageable and moisturized. Made with a unique blend of 5 essential oils, Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion gently conditions and moisturizes your hair.  Use as a daily leave-in or rinse-out hair conditioner.

Why You Will Love Senk Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Cleanses the hair & scalp without stripping the hairs’ natural oils
  • pH balanced to keep hair moisturized and provide a natural sheen
  • A unique 5 essential oil blend strengthens the hair, stimulates circulation and balances the sebum
  • Made with organic & naturally derived ingredients
  • The conditioner doubles as leave-in to keep your hair moisturized between washes

What’s In the Senk Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Olive & Coconut Oil gently cleanse and protect hair strands
  • Jojoba oil & a blend of 5 essential oils balance and soothe the scalp
  • Rosemary extract stimulates circulation & strengthens the hair
  • Palmarosa essential oil balances the sebum


Rave Reviews for the Senk Haircare Line

I love this product. I was looking for a leave in conditioner that was not too light or too heavy, and that would give me the slip that I need when i detangle. I have found it in this conditioner. I was using another leave in conditioner for quite a while but was never really pleased with the results. I had to add oils to make it more moisturizing and still I felt that it never really did the job. But with Senk, I don’t need to add anything and I love the results. My hair feels soft and very moisturized. This is definitely my new favorite product. – Sheikia, Florida

Glamazini’s Twistout Using Only Sénica’s Senk Conditioner

“I used the shampoo bar and conditioner on myself (hair fully natural except for relaxed ends) and on my 3 yr. old daughter’s hair. It was sensitive enough for hers and perfect for mines. I love these products.” – Kathleen W.  St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

I have had really bad dandruff my entire life, which has only gotten worse over the years. After one washing with this shampoo bar all the dandruff was gone. My hair feels soft. The only thing I would say is don’t use too much of the product, because it made my hair feel heavy. That was my fault because my past hair treatments always required a lot of product to do the trick. With this one I didn’t need much. – Amber, New Orleans

WhoIsSugar Uses Senk Shampoo Bar as part of her Curly Girl Method hair routine.

I don’t believe in miracle creams or potions that come in a bottle, neither am I one to give out 5 star ratings unless I believe the product can’t be improved upon any more…. but I have given this [Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion] 5 stars!!! I absolutely LOOOVE this product!! I applied it as a leave-in on wet hair. I twisted my hair up and DAYS LATER, my hair still felt SUPER SOFT, SMOOTH and moisturized!!!!!! I usually have to moisturize my hair daily because it tends to get very dry very quickly!! This was not the case after using Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion!! Not only that, but I tested the pH of this product and was delightfully surprised to discover that it was in the 5 range- perfect for closing those cuticles- which made sense why my hair was sooo silky and soft!! Its RARE to find a product that is TRULY pH Balanced – straight from the bottle!! THANK YOU SENICA for this WONDERFUL miracle in a bottle!! – MK A.

Celebrate our Essence.com feature with
$5 OFF of the Senk Conditioner & Shampoo Bar Set with coupon code: ESG.
Offer valid 12/3/12 through 12/5/12.


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