Sénica is 10 Years and Counting!

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It’s October 7, 2017 and Sénica is officially 10 years old today. Ten years! It has gone by so fast. If you told me in college that I would be here as an entrepreneur, using my biochemistry degree, and Caribbean roots to help people care for themselves, I may have said “let’s see about that.” Some of my most challenging moments led me here and encouraged me to continue to … Read More →

A Shout Out From Cue Magazine for Senk Shampoo Bar


It is always great to receive a press mention. The latest one from Cue Magazine’s October issue features the Senk Shampoo Bar. Thank you to Missy & Leslie for the mention.  Click the images to view a larger version of the article. (page 30 of the magazine) Read the full issue of Cue Magazine here, http://www.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/gambits-cue-october-2016/Content?oid=3024930 Whether you are wearing your hair in its natural state or processed, the Senk Shampoo Bar … Read More →

Sénica is 9 Years and Counting!


We’re celebrating the 9th year of Sénica. We wouldn’t be here without you and your support. Every product you’ve purchased and friend you’ve told about Sénica is truly appreciated. And if you’re new to the family, welcome! To celebrate I’ve created an exclusive offer for you. Receive 15% off your next order with code “C915”. Click the image/link below to reveal it. This offer ends on Saturday, October 15th. Warm Regards, Benardett, … Read More →

Sénica Referral Program – Tell A Friend. Earn Rewards.


The Sénica Referral Program – Tell A Friend. Earn Rewards. I’m excited to announce the Sénica Referral Program. I would love for your to be a part of it. The Sénica Referral Program program is a friends and family program designed to share the Sénica story and products while rewarding you for helping to spread the word. And the best part? You can earn 10% cash or 15% store credit on all orders … Read More →

How to Feel Fabulous when Coping with Hair Loss and Scalp Damage

How to Feel Fabulous when Coping with Hair Loss and Scalp Damage

How to Feel Fabulous when Coping with Hair Loss and Scalp Damage “Bad” hair days can be challenging. However they often pale in comparison to hair loss and scalp damage. There are many reasons hair loss and scalp damage can happen. Some causes include genetics, skin conditions, hairstyling practices, medical issues and medications. Whatever the reason, these tips should help you put your best self forward so you feel fabulous. … Read More →

3 Hair Teas for a Healthy Scalp

3 Hair Teas for a Healthy Scalp Blog Post

3 Hair Teas for a Healthy Scalp Hair teas can add a boost to your hair care routine. They smell great, are easy to customize, and are usually made from fresh or dried herbs. These three hair teas smell amazing, if you love the smell of herbs, and can help maintain the health of your scalp. 1. Rosemary is stimulating for the scalp which improves blood circulation and helps promote hair growth … Read More →

The Best Foot Care Tools and Products for Beautiful Feet

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Taking care of your feet is important and so is having the right ‘stuff’. These are, in my opinion, the best foot care tools and products you must have for the most beautiful feet of your life. Gentle Nail Brush – use a gentle nail brush to cleanse and remove from your nails. I’ve had this wooden soft bristle one for years. I love it because it cleans without scratching my … Read More →