Sénica is 12 Years and Counting!


It’s October 7, 2019 and Sénica is officially 12 years old today. The past year has been filled with lessons on letting go, doing less in order to do more, streamlining Sénica, and most of all embracing my gifts. Your gifts can often be identified as the thing(s) that make you special, that you are good at, that brings you joy, that people see in you. And, those gifts often … Read More →

Behind the Scenes: A trip to the bee yard

Senica at Apiary url IMG_8404

Have you ever wondered what the ‘local’ story behind the beeswax we source for the Blemish Balm is? Sourcing amazing ingredients is essential to creating amazing products. When I began to formulate the Blemish Balm over a decade ago, I knew every ingredient needed to be top notch. So, I called the beekeeper who makes the honey I’ve been eating for years. That’s where our connection began. Fast forward to last week where … Read More →

How to care for keratosis pilaris

How to care for Keratosis Pilaris

How to care for keratosis pilaris The nuances of nature means that this leaf is different from any other leaf on the same tree. Those differences do not take away from the beauty of this leaf. The same parallels can be drawn for our skin. The underlying science may be similar. Our tones & textures may vary and then there’s the list varying skin struggles that we may or may not … Read More →

Sénica is 11 Years and Counting!


It’s October 7, 2018 and Sénica is officially 11 years old today. As I reflect on this day and appreciate Sénica’s eleven-year successful business journey, I’m thinking of this past year. This time last year, I lost someone very near and dear to me.  When I wasn’t busying myself with work, I was pondering over life, my next move, and what my ideal day-to-day would be. I feel I’ve cried more during … Read More →

Senica’s Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer Featured on WWL-TV


This past Tuesday was National Relaxation Day and the Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer was featured on WWL-TV. It was part of a segment Belladonna Day Spa presented on their most popular treatments and products to help you relax. Here’s the clip. — Give the Gift of Relaxation: General Manager of Belladonna, Emily Fevrier shares top picks for spa treatments and products to help you relax, including Senica’s Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer. — … Read More →

How to Support the Businesses & Brands You Love

How to Support the Businesses & Brands You Love

How to Support the Businesses & Brands You Love: Thoughts on Entrepreneurship & Life with Benardett We’ve all heard the saying ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ Let’s talk about a few ways you can support the businesses and brands you love and it doesn’t always have to mean through money. This live broadcast really touched a nerve with people, in a good way. So tune in to hear my thoughts … Read More →

Sénica Test Kitchen – Coming Soon

Senica Test Kitchen Logo Final 150×150

Sénica Test Kitchen – Coming Soon Get ready for the Sénica Test Kitchen (STK), a new arm of Sénica focused on limited edition runs of new product formulations. (Translation: You’re gonna be getting new products ‘on the regular.’) You already know, Sénica always gives you the best for your body. Expect nothing less than amazing aromas, wild crafted, organic, and/or food grade ingredients at the foundation of every release. The first product launches in June and I am … Read More →

To all the ladies in the place on this International Women’s Day

Benardett_Creator of Senica Products_Red_Dress_Gray_Cardigan_fullsizeoutput_3512 Photo Credit Donica L Johns

To all the ladies in the place on this International Women’s Day A Message from Benardett, Creator of Sénica Products Being a woman is much more than the made up aesthetics that are often presented to us as a society through various types of messaging. For me, it means walking authentically in my boldness and strength and in doing so encouraging others to do the same. I thrive in solitude and my … Read More →