The Best Foot Care Tools and Products for Beautiful Feet

Taking care of your feet is important and so is having the right ‘stuff’. These are, in my opinion, the best foot care tools and products you must have for the most beautiful feet of your life.

Gentle Nail Brush – use a gentle nail brush to cleanse and remove from your nails. I’ve had this wooden soft bristle one for years. I love it because it cleans without scratching my skin and the reverse side has a thin line of bristles to help clean under my nails.

A gentle soap bar – use a soap bar to cleanse your feet. Use with your nail brush to get dirt and lint from your toenails.

Nail clippers – small nail clippers work great for fingernails but you may need larger ones for your toenails and if you have thicker/harder nails in general.

Cuticle pusher – a cuticle pusher helps you to maintain the cuticle, the area of dead skin at the base of your nails. I do not clip my cuticles because there is no known benefit, it is meant to protect the nail area, and you can cause damage to your skin.

Sugar Scrub – a sugar scrub helps buff away dead skin so your feet are nice and smooth. For touch heels, you can use a foot file before your sugar scrub.

Shea scrub and soap with brush and massager IMG_6629

Massager – a massager can help to relieve tension, relax, and improve circulation to your hands and feet. It is great as a finishing treatment for a home manicure/pedicure. There are many types of massagers and you’ve probably seen the one with multiple rollers for the feet. I do own one of these but prefer my small wooden ones. They are easy to travel with and require little space. This long wedged massager pictured is compact, measuring about 3.75 inches, and is good for both hands and feet.

Moisturizer – your moisturizer can work can be used to soften your cuticles before using the cuticle pusher and to seal in moisture after washing your feet. Using a bit of extra moisturizer will give more slip for an invigorating foot massage. If you haven’t already, you should try Senica’s moisturizers and body oils. Your skin will thank you.

Shea and soap with nail tools close up IMG_6634

Remember to clean and dry your nail tools after use. Do you have any recommended foot care tools and tips? Share below!

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