3 Hair Teas for a Healthy Scalp

Hair teas can add a boost to your hair care routine. They smell great, are easy to customize, and are usually made from fresh or dried herbs. These three hair teas smell amazing, if you love the smell of herbs, and can help maintain the health of your scalp.
1. Rosemary is stimulating for the scalp which improves blood circulation and helps promote hair growth
2. Calendula + Lavender – both are soothing for the scalp
3.  Rose petals – have astringent properties to cleanse; also moisturizes, tones, and calms the scalp
Hair Tea Herbs Labeled with Arrows - Senica
The process for making a hair tea is pretty straightforward. You add the herbs to clean bowl, cover with hot or cold water and allow them to infuse. The amount of time that they infuse depends on whether using hot or cold water. Strain the herbs and what remains is that hair tea. You can use it several ways – as a hair rinse refresher for a refresher hair mist to moisturize and lightly scent your hair.If using as a mist, keep refrigerated and use within a week. I like to use hair teas as a final hair rinse after washing and conditioning my hair. If you are using the hair tea as a mist/spray, make an amount you can use within a few days and store it in the fridge between use.
This video shows you how to make a hair tea if you need further directions.

Do you have a favorite herb or herbs that you like for a hair teas.? Did you use hair teas? Leave a comment below I love to hear your take on it.

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