How to Use the Senk Shampoo Bar as a Liquid Shampoo


If you have tried the Senk Shampoo Bar, you know it is gentle, light in smell and easy to travel with. The bar is full of hair loving ingredients to cleanse, stimulate and balance the scalp. And if you are prone to slippery fingers or prefer liquid shampoos you may consider using it as a liquid shampoo instead of a solid. Yes, you can use the Senk Shampoo Bar as … Read More →

How to Use Body Oils

How to Use Body Oils

Body oils are here for a bit longer, so grab a bottle and choose a few ways to use them: moisturizer for the body, cuticles, and hair, lubricant for softening hair stubble before shaving, and makeup remover. Moisturizing body oil – apply after a shower or to damp skin for best results. Lanbéli body oil is also great for baby’s skin and the lavender essential oil and flowers is relaxing. … Read More →

Soak Away Your Aches with These Bath Salts


In case you missed the Epsom ingredient spotlight, I touched on its benefits which include detoxifying and relieving muscle aches. Salt soaks can be very therapeutic and the perfect remedy after a hectic day. Here are a few ways you can use Senica’s bath salts: Option 1. Add 2-4 tablespoons to your tubs, fill with warm water and soak. Option 2. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of your bath salt in a … Read More →

Mom’s Love Sénica Shea Moisturizers for Eczema Relief

Adele uses Sénica Shea Butter Moisturizers an alternative eczema solution for her two children. Learn more about our Shea Butter Moisturizers here: Find Us Online at Sénica website Sénica E-boutique Facebook Fan page Other Reviews McKenzie Loves Sénica Body Care Products Glori’s Sénica Soap Experience John’s Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer Review Sénica is an up and coming beauty brand that celebrates a Natural. … Read More →