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How to Use Body Oils

Body oils are a favorite with the Sénica Family. They provide a nice boost to the skin and are light enough to use in a number of ways, so grab a bottle and choose a few ways to use them – as a moisturizer for the body, cuticles, and hair; lubricant for softening hair stubble before shaving, and makeup remover. Here is a break down of six ways you can use your Sénica Body Oil.

  1. Moisturizing body oil – apply after a shower or to damp skin for best results. The oils seal in moisture and deliver a beautiful glow. Lanbéli body oil is also great for baby’s skin and the lavender essential oil and flowers provides a relaxing aroma.
  2. Cuticle oil – massage a few drops into dry cuticles to soften and condition your cuticles. This is a great way to maintain your cuticles and nails. And if you get manicure and pedicures regularly, you can have your tech use it during your next session.
  3. Hair oil or hot oil treatment – massage a few drops of the oil to your scalp, working the oil through from roots to ends. Apply more to your hands if needed to lightly coat your hair. Cover with a plastic cap for 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and follow up with shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Hair sealant – depending on your hair texture and regiment, an oil can be use post conditioner, hair lotion, or mist to seal in moisture. It is especially great as a sealant for the ends of your hair which are older and need extra protection.
  5. Shaving oil for the face and body – start with damp skin, apply a few drops of the body oil to your legs, under arm or other area for a smooth shave. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry and apply a few more drops of oil to seal in the moisture, condition, and soothe the skin. Shave in the direction of growth for best results.
  6. Makeup remover – Massage a few drops of oil all over your face. Leave on for a few minutes to allow the oils to breakdown the makeup so it is easy to wipe off. Apply extra oil if you are using heavy duty or water resistant makeup. Rinse and follow with your cleansing routine. You may also leave the oil on and wash away with your soap bar or preferred cleanser. The soap emulsifies with the oil and lifts away the makeup. Repeat if needed. Follow with toner and moisturizer to balance the skin.

How do you use body oils? What would you add to the list?

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Uplift your senses and enjoy soft, glowing skin with Sénica’s Body Oils. Each bottle features a potent skin elixir of avocado, sweet almond, and organic jojoba oil, which instantly moisturizes, enriches, softens, and brightens the skin. Sweetness Body Oil is a light floral blend accented with jasmine flowers, and Lanbéli Body Oil features lavender essential oil with herbs that infuse their nourishing properties over time.



  1. alegnasoap says:

    After getting out of the shower I like to put a body oil on my feet, and then put on my socks.

  2. Me too, I try to put body oils on when I get out of the shower and before I go to bed.

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