How to make ginger juice beer I love ginger juice also known as ginger beer in the Caribbean. I like it best when it is super strong and you can feel the burn in your throat as you drink it.  This is my version of ginger juice / ginger beer.

Ginger Juice
1/2 lb Fresh ginger root
3-4 cups Water
Sugar, honey, or maple syrup
Lemon/lime peel (optional)
Juice of 1 lemon/lime juice (optional)

How to Make the Ginger Juice
1. Peel ginger with a knife or scrape with a spoon
2. Cut into small pieces and add to blender
3. Cover with water and blend until all the ginger pieces are pureed/grated
4. Strain out the pulp using a strainer/sieve (I like to soak the pulp in water a second time and strain again.)
5. To the concentrated juice, add water to taste, and sweeten

Ginger beer instructions Collage

Alternative Ginger Beer option (fermented)

For a fermented option follow steps 1-3 then…
4. add your desired amount of water to the puree
5. Pour the mixture in a pot and allow to sit or 1 day or longer if you prefer a stronger taste

*** If you prefer the fermented option, do not store the ginger beer in a sealed glass container. This can be very dangerous as the gasses build up during fermentation and can cause your container to explode.***

Benefits of Ginger
Eases nausea, travel sickness, and helps the body ward off cold and flu symptoms.

Ginger has also been used as a pain reliever and even for alleviating dandruff.

Feeling gassy? Try some ginger juice or ginger tea. It will knock the wind right out of you. 😉

Ways to Spruce Up Your Ginger Juice
Use the concentrate as a hot tea–add water and sweeten
For a fizzy ginger ale alternative, use sparkling water
Add a squeeze of lemon/lime for a different flavor
Use hot water and add a stick of cinnamon and 3-5 cloves for a twist in flavor

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