Hair is a big topic for many people and can pose a challenge when you are not getting the results you want. Given the focus that is placed on hair and its appearance, many myths have surfaced that can give false hope. Here a few hair care myths worth avoiding.

1. Trimming your hair will make is grow faster, longer, thicker, etc. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately hair grows at the same predetermined rate, an average of 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month. Trimming gets rid of split and uneven ends which can give the appearance of thicker hair. The best way to realize growth is by protecting your hair as it grows so you can retain length. You may find this post useful, 5 Tips for Strong & Healthy Hair.

2. I can fix or repair damaged hair by applying a magic potion. Once your hair is damaged it cannot be repaired permanently. Treatments advertised for fixing or repairing damaged hair are only temporary. They work to cover the damage, last a few days and must be done regularly. Your best solution is to cut the off the damaged hair and adopt practices that reduce the risk of damage (i.e. easy on the blow dryer, minimize heavy brushing, etc.).

3. Products marketed to a specific hair type, hair texture, race or ethnic group cannot be used by people of other backgrounds, hair type or texture. It is best to pay attention to the ingredients in a product than the marketing campaign used to promote it. For example, the Senk Conditioner & Hair Lotion is used by a diverse group of clients. In my case, I have medium curly hair and use it as a wash-out conditioner and a leave-in moisturizer between washes. On the other hand, our client Zach has thick straight hair and uses a dollop of the Senk conditioner & hair lotion after washing. Zach and I have completely different hair types and textures but the product works great for both of us.

The truth is, you can have flourishing hair with practical knowledge and a plan. Once you learn what your hair will and won’t do, best practices and products that work for you, you’ll be on your way. Be wise and give these myths the boot the next time you are tempted to apply them to your hair care routine.

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