Botanical Name: Symphytum Officinale

Part of Plant Used: Leaves, roots

Why Its Wonderful: Comfrey herbs is rich in allantoin which promotes skin cell regeneration which is great for wound healing and keeping the skin healthy and resilient.

Actions: Anti-inflammatory

Senica products with comfrey: Blemish Balm
Comfrey is one of the main herbs used  in Sénica’s Blemish Balm. The balm leaves your skin velvety soft and herb infused jojoba oil and food grade cocoa butter all or which support your skin in the healing. This is a go to for your first aid cabinet for recent scars or bruises and as a moisturizer for your face and body.

Rave Reviews for Blemish Balm

‘I use the Blemish Balm on my toddlers bumps and bruises and I personally think that it works miracles.’ Tameka on the Blemish Balm

‘I’m here to say the Blemish Balm works! I use it mostly for my night time moisturizing routine. Skin is so soft and glows & dark spots are definitely fading daily.’ – Cece

Updated 9/2/2020

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