Thought of the Day #7: People Before Things

We didn’t have a lot of accidents growing up (at least not that I remember). But if something broke, my Mom would always ask, “Are you okay? As long as you didn’t get hurt, that’s all that matters.” I guess, that is something I’ve always carried with me. Which leads to the Thought of the Day #7 People before things. ~ In my last “Thought of the Day” post … Read More →

The Power of Hindsight: Thought of the Day #6

“Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.  If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.”  ~ Norman Vincent Peale This quote on adversity was included in Dan Miller’s (48 Days) April 1st newsletter.  The quote was timely and an encouragement after a tough week when our server had a major hiccup in April. I can smile about it now, but I’ve also made … Read More →

Thought of the Day #5: Commitment Under Pressure


The true test of my commitment is how I react under pressure. ~ Today was  a day. That’s all I can say to sum it up. Not really, there is more to be said.  The day started off bright, I was set up at our French Market booth and all was going well. Then, the weather happened… “First hurricane rain & winds now hail storms. What more could we … Read More →

Thought of the Day #4

I can’t do everything. So, when possible I delegate, monitor and celebrate the success of others for a job well done. ~ Ben-ar-dett