I recently tried my hand at cooking forbidden rice. Also known as black or purple rice, it has a number of health benefits and can be used in sweet and savory meals.

Health Benefits of Forbidden Rice

+ Anti oxidants that fight the damage of free radicals
+ Rich in vitamins
+ Healthy serving of fiber
+ More anthocyains per serving than blueberries. Anthocyains help fight skin damage.

Ways to Eat Forbidden Rice

Now that I’ve shared some of the health benefits of forbidden rice, here are a few ways I’ve tried it. In all cases, I cooked the rice like I would regular rice and used it in a few different ways to make a complete meal. The possibilities are limitless with a little imagination.

Benefits of Eating Forbidden Rice

Clockwise form top left

1. Uncooked forbidden rice

2. Forbidden rice served with baked lemon pepper fish and brussel sprouts with a squeeze of lemon

3. Quick snack of baked eggplant fries, forbidden rice, yogurt and pineapple. (I loved this one because it was a great blend of crunchy, chewy and a touch of sweet.)

4. Forbidden rice salad with smoked salmon and ginger served with a side of spinach, tomatoes and pickled onions

These were all scrumptious meals and I look forward to trying some more ideas on the sweet side. Next up? Forbidden rice with coconut milk and honey.

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