5 Tips for Strong & Healthy Hair

Ever wonder what you can do to keep your hair strong and healthy? Here are 5 things you have control of and can do right now to care for your gorgeous locks.

  1. Keep your ends trimmed and moisturized. Split ends travel and cannot be permanently repaired. So, it is best to snip them before the damage gets worst. Also, the ends of your hair strands are the oldest section of your hair so they are more fragile and need to be moisturized and handled with care.
  2. Use heat only when necessary. Opt for rollers or pin curls to maintain bouncy curls between styling. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to decrease the intensity of heat damage.
  3. Use deep condition/ hot oil treatments to replenish strands, especially if your hair is curly or color treated. Coconut and olive oils are two great options for hot oil treatments and they are available at most grocery stores.
  4. Cleanse you hair and scalp regularly. Think of your scalp as soil and your hair as the plant. You need to keep your scalp and hair free of debris and product build up for a healthy scalp and manageable hair.
  5. Swap your towel out for a t-shirt to minimize frizz during drying.

That’s it! Of course you want to compliment these practices with a healthy lifestyle (food and exercise). But, you are amazing and I’m sure you already knew that. 😉

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