4 Do's for Soft Hands

“My hands are always dry, what can I do to make them soft?” That is one of my frequently asked questions. Well, I would like to share 4 tips to keep your hands soft. These tips are great if you are a teacher, a medical professional, work at home mom/home engineer, accountant, mail carrier, or any lifestyle that adds extra wear on your hands.

  1. Do wash your hands often. This removes dirt/germs and exposes your skin to moisture.
  2. Do exfoliate your hands weekly to remove dead skin. I recommend Sénica’s brown sugar scrubs because the sugar gently removes dead skin and draws moisture to the skin. And, the sweet almond and apricot kernel oil seal in that moisture.
  3. Do wear gloves if you work with harsh chemicals/substances. If you are unable to wear gloves, skip to #3.
  4. Do keep your hands moisturized. A good moisturizer seals in moisture which keeps your skin soft and protects it from the drying effects of paper and other materials can dry out your skin. I recommend Senica’s shea moisturizers or moisturizing body oils. They are made with organic shea butter and skin softening oils – a little goes a long way and keeps you moisturized without being greasy.

Pro Tip:  Apply your shea moisturizer or oil to damp skin for maximum moisture retention.

Use these tips and you’ll have softer hands in no time. I hope you find them helpful. How do you care for your hands? I’d love to read them.

Natural. Beautiful. You.®,
Benardett, Creator of Sénica® Products

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